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Fernando Pó famous sandy terroir

Fernando Pó plains are famous for the high quality of the grapes that grow there. It stands out by the soft sandy layer covering clayey subsoil. Its microclimate, seasoned by the Tagus and Sado rivers, protects and facilitates the perfect ripening of the grapes. This results in wines known for good structure, body, color and, especially, the aromas. Which traditionally were sold in bulk as enhancers for other wine regions.

A family United in wine

Fernão Pó is a family winery of Fernando Po, resulting from the joining of two families related to winemaking for generations, Freitas & Palhoça. Since its founding by Aníbal da Silva Freitas in the '50s, the winery has grown attached to the local winemaking tradition. At that time wine was part of everyday life, inseparable from food, sold at the cellar door. Visitors arrived on weekends to stock up for the whole year, shared stories and became friends. It is this legacy that the family maintains.

Carefully chosen grape varieties

We have been choosing grape varieties through trial, in search of genuine profiled, complex gourmet wines. In the 150 acres of the family vineyards stand out 84 acres of Castelão, the flagship grape of the region. But also spicy Cabernet Sauvignon, which ripens perfectly here. And also Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Merlot, Tannat and Alicante Bouschet. White grape varieties include local Fernão Pires, Syria, Verdelho, Viozinho and Moscatel.

Tradition meets technology

Fernão Pó Winery Freitas & Palhoça family seeks to combine the best of tradition with modern technology. The winery has undergone constant improvements over time, having a producing capacity of about 1000 tons of grapes. And it includes social and environmental concerns, such as adherence to the Wine in Moderation and the Business and Biodiversity programs, in addition to producing grapes with environmental certification.